Luxury Cooler Tray to host
your best champagnes and most precious wines

To satisfy your ultimate needs and wishes, a full range of exclusive models is available. You’ll be hypnotized by the power lines that make Tulip By Germain a timeless piece of art. Discover the range of luxury materials and gorgeous colors that complete the original collection. 

Our luxury trays truly are technology jewels and the possible customizations are endless. They are intended for the fortunate few looking for items that combine exclusive designs with state of the art manufacturing.


Personal match …

Tulip By Germain can match the color and design of your yacht or private jet, reinforcing its own exclusive identity, just like your favorite painting or sculpture. Become your own designer with a personal touch, and create a unique work of art.

Price : 38 000 € (Ex. T)

Carbon Fiber

Hi-Tech …

Our craftsmen selected carbon fiber as a perfect material to bring about a modern and innovative style to Tulip By Germain.

Price : 40 000 € (Ex. T)


Elegant and so feminine …

This chic model, plated with white, pink or yellow gold, comes as a tribute to ultimate femininity. Exclusive alliance of hi-tech design and jewelry, it was designed to glorify your receptions with a feminine touch.

Price : 42 000 € (Ex. T)


Pure seduction …

As an haute couture piece of art, a lace model exclusively designed and manufactured to enhance your receptions and seduce your guests.
Unleash your imagination, the sky is the limit: our designers shall adjust Tulip By Germain to all your wishes and desires.

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Praise of beauty …

A solid gold tray and base model is available from our expert jewelers. Exclusive design and manufacturing for a limited edition of just 10 numbered units.

Price : 820 000 € (Ex. T)


Ultimate praise of beauty …

A full solid gold model is available as well from our expert jewelers. Exclusive design and manufacturing for a limited edition of just 5 numbered units.

Price : Contact us