The French savoir-faire

France definitely is the country of ultimate luxury and elegance: our designers were able to complete that piece of art thanks to the French savoir-faire of our selected craftsmen. Pursuant to 4 years of R&D and a handful of International patents, the perfect combination of high technology and luxury experience reached into that remarkable achievement. 800 hours of manufacturing based upon traditional expertise and technics are needed to complete each Tulip By Germain item.

French savoir-faire
Achieved according to traditional expertise and technics
Innovation and creativity at the very heart of Tulip By Germain

State of the art technology

A perfect balance …

The gyroscope technology helps maintaining the bottle and the glasses in vertical position, up to a 30° tilt on all 3 axes.

Customization, so your own model will be unique

Tulip By Germain can be customized in many ways to fit your own wishes and requirements.
Together, let’s imagine and achieve the jewel of your dreams.